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Ontario Trip

May 23, 2017

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This tab is like a blog where we will post what we have been doing and what we are working on in the future. Plus, it will be a place to share some of our prayer requests and needs concerning ourselves and the ministry.

Ontario Trip:

We have been away from April 18 to May 9 th . We started off by driving through the United States and crossing back into Canada at Sarnia. From there we had meetings in St. Thomas, and then headed off to Toronto where on Sunday we spoke at a church with our dear Brothers and Sisters – most who are Jamaicans. They are such a blessing and encouragement to us.

Monday, we headed out for a night in Orangeville to see Pastor Don and Carol and the next day to Guelph where we connected with family and other Asian missionaries. Then on Wednesday we were in Kingston, from there we spent Thursday and Friday in Cornwall, Ontario, where we had a nice visit with Adrianne. Then on Saturday we headed to Ottawa where we spent time with our friends Wes and Kay.

That Sunday we preached in a Burmese church. It was so exciting to see the growth of that church from year to year and how He was leading many people from a Buddhist religion to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

The next Monday we headed back to Cornwall for our annual FCA convention. This was a week of dynamic meetings and fellowship. It was so refreshing for us to reconnect with old friends and to build new relationships with many others. The convention ended Friday night at the end of a wonderful mission day of testimonies and relevant teaching.

Then on Saturday we moved over to Pastor Brad and Sharon’s house. On Sunday, we preached at Fountaingate Church. God is so good. Please pray for Pastor Brad as he faces major neck surgery on May 24.

Then on May 8 th we began our journey home back through United States. As we reflected concerning this trip, all we can say is that people really caught the vision of the ministry of Project LAMBS. We also give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ for all the things He did for us and how He looked after us and provided through His body so many wonderful blessings to us.

Last Week:

As you know, when you have been away, there is many things to get caught up on. We have been working on many things – everything from thank you notes, responding to emails, and working on our new Project LAMBS web site. Plus, we are finishing the translation of “Servant Leadership” into Burmese, Thai, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnamese languages. This will be used as our foundation for this fall’s ministry overseas. Please keep this in your prayers.

Blessings to you all!

Love to hear from you.

James and Hkaw Win

Lambs International