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Discipleship Schools

Discipleship training is one of the most critical things that the local Church can be doing to help equip and mentor people for service. We offer different levels of training. All of our courses are a one week module and after one completes 12 courses in the Project Discipleship level, one then will receive a Diploma in Discipleship ministry from Project L.A.M.B.S. International. We offer 3 levels of training:

Level One: Project Ezra
7 Basic Courses
Helps to provide a basic understanding of faith in Christ Jesus.

Level Two: Project Discipleship
12 – one week modules
Purpose is to ground the disciples of Christ in their faith and to prepare them for service.

Level Three: Project Shepherd
24 – one week modules
Purpose is to help equip and mentor pastors and leaders for service in the body of Christ.


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