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The Cross of Calvary

Key word: Cross
Topical Sermon

Title: The Cross of Calvary
Scripture: Luke 23:33?38

Key words: Cross –an instrument of death during the Romans time, made of wood in the shape of a β€œt”, on which convicted criminals were nailed, to die a lingering and painful death.
Crossroad – a junction were two roads cross over each other, a decision point where one has to determine which way to go.

Approach / Introduction:
Palm Sunday marked Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem, leading Him to the cross just a few days later. The cross would become the crossroads for all history and for all people. It also marked the fulfillment/completion of the Old Testament and the creating of the New Testament way of life as a disciple of Christ.

Scripture Reading: Luke 23:33?38

Big Idea: Today we will look at 6 truths concerning the importance of Christ’s work that He accomplished on the cross of Calvary for us as His disciples.

Body /Outline:
I The cross of Christ Luke 23:33?38
II Take up the cross Matt 16:24
III Follow me with the cross Mark 10:21
IV Persecution for the cross Gal 6:12
V Peace through the cross Col 1:20
VI Power of the cross I Cor 1:18

Conclusion: The disciple needs to make a decision to take up the cross of Christ, denying himself, and following Christ and His teachings.

The cross can never lose its power.

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