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God is a Just God

Key word: Just / Justice
Topical Sermon

Title: God is a Just God
Scripture: Romans 3:21-26

Key words:
just / justice
Fairness, impartiality, fair, honest, integrity. The fairness of a decision concerning an issue or event; an impartial ruling on a person’s way of life.

justification / justified / justify / justly
Reason, validation. These are terms that often are used at a court of law when a person is being judged by the law of man.

Approach / Introduction:

– Roman Country – law court based government.
– Book of Romans written to the church of Rome.
– Righteousness comes through the blood of Christ which cloths us.
– Justification come by the life of Christ which fulfilled the Law of God.

Scripture Reading: Romans 3:21-26

Big Idea: Today we will look at 6 truths concerning the “justice of God” that has been given by Him toward mankind.

Body /Outline:
I God is a Just God. Deut 32:4
II God is an impartial. God Mat 5:45
III God is One. Acts 22:14
IV God demonstrates His way of justice. Rom 3:26
V God gives Justice and peace through Jesus Christ Rom 5:1-2
VI God’s gift of justification equal eternal life Rom 5:18

Conclusion: The disciple needs to make a decision to walk in the justice of God Almighty. To know that His justice is what make it possible for us to stand before Him. We are free because Christ has paid the price so that we could receive justification for our sins through His blood.

God justice is firm and impartial to all through Jesus Christ.

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